DP RUTO is a member of the FREEMASON society and that is why he is a billionaire – MUTAHI NGUNYI claims


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Commenting on social media on Sunday, Mutahi, who is among cheap bloggers and analysts hired by ‘deep state’ to paint Ruto as the devil, said Ruto‘s metamorphosis from a chicken seller in Sugoi to one of the richest men in Kenya is because he joined the Freemason society.

He said Ruto was introduced to Freemasonry by late former President Daniel Moi’s allies.

“William RUTO was created by the FREEMASONS in the MOI Government. FACT. This is HOW a CHICKEN SELLER from SUGOI became Deputy President from NOWHERE,” Mutahi stated on his Twitter page.

Mutahi also said the wheelbarrow, which has recently been associated with William Ruto’s Hustler Politics, is also a symbol of freemasonry.

Monday, January 11, 2020 – Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has sensationally claimed that Deputy President William Ruto is a member of the Freemason Society and that is why he is filthy rich.

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