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Smirnoff is back with another exciting episode of “Smirnoff Infamous Mix”, hosted by Sodamola Oluseye Desmond, popularly known as DJ Spinall.

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DJ Spinall introduces his guest as someone who has a lot of respect and love for his creativity, Debo Adedayo, better known as Lord Macaroni. Debo, also known as Mr. Macaroni is an Instagram skit maker and activist. He was one of the celebrities who stood their ground during the End Sars march.

DJ Spinall shares his guest with several questions during the show.

Je! How do you play the role of a sugar daddy without diligence?

Before the role of sugar daddies, I was trying out a number of roles. One day, the idea of ​​a sugar daddy came to my mind and I thought about trying that habit, and since then, it has been blessed.

Je! Do you think it is necessary for artists to talk about social injustice?

First, we need to define who the artist is. An artist is the one who describes their art. The basic works of art are entertainment, being a primary role, information, education, social revival

For me, it is not necessary but because I am a trained theater artist. We have been taught to use our art to inform and educate.

Looking at the last few months in Nigeria, do you think that the artist’s comments affect their profession in a negative way?

Not in a negative way. We can say it can cost you something, especially for an artist. It’s a different thing to be passionate about speaking like me. In fact, I believe that God gave me a platform to talk about these things. But what will keep you going is love.

Je! What is the EndSars Experience you never imagined you would get?

It will be the strength of our numbers. I think we have been contemptuous all the time, but the numbers were huge and people came out but trembled.
Another experience would be that if the situation is not properly managed, it can escalate.

Spinall admits to seeing around the class of protesters he saw during the EndSars protest, and thinks it is a matter of great commendation.

What song are you rocking right now?
This Love and Machala.

Je! Do you feel that fans always expect a lot from the artist? Especially when they think they should say?

I think it’s a lot of pressure on celebrities. It is now up to the fans to push for roles that they may not be interested in.
Too often, celebrities have formed political alliances. But unfortunately, these are the people who make us dirty, so you can’t blame them for believing your voice is powerful. At the end of the day, it’s a collective effort.

Why do we always feel the need to involve international artists in our affairs?
Basically it is Nigerians calling anyone or everyone to help us. It makes me laugh, but you have to understand the pressure.

Je! Do you think you have recently been reducing content?
For me, there is no crossing line. My stories have a story to tell. I always like to use my action to inform more than just entertainment.
As an artist, I get inspiration from the raw materials around me. It may make you laugh, or it may irritate you, but I can show you what is happening ”

Je! What do you think of artists who say nothing about national issues?
As I said earlier, the artist will produce their craft as they shrink. No one should be in a position to tell an artist what to do. No one should be in a position to tell an artist how to create his own craft. You can accept or reject it.

Je! Are you worried that your activism could reduce the great opportunities you could have?
There were things that were supposed to happen that did not happen, but that is laziness on their part. If you are afraid to speak or associate your brand with activism… .. God blessed me with contentment, so money does not move me, and my conscience guides me in whatever action I take. It has happened, but we are more than that.

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