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Nigeria’s fastest-growing singer and songwriter Peter Okoye has sparked controversy on social media following a recent interview.

In an interview with Hip Tv, Mr. P revealed that he was enjoying the popular Duo Group, Psquare Broke Up in 2017. According to him, he earns more money as an act of his own and has no authority to share money with his brothers, Paul Okoye and Jude. Okoye.

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Peter Okoye boldly stated that he enjoys the freedom that comes with his own work. He admitted that his level of creativity has been the same since the breakup.

Mr P has added that he is not bothered by public opinion on his behavior or work. According to him, your fans are free to call him greedy or selfish.

In his own words, he said:

“I don’t have to share three ways, call it greed, call it selfishness, it’s your own cup. I don’t get involved with anyone, it’s just my management and my team. It’s me doing my own thing. I make more money, I am free. I mean, freedom is important. I get a call that there is a show next week and it is my daughter’s birthday. I will tell the cancelers, that I must attend my daughter’s birthday. But as a group, I couldn’t do that. So freedom is important.

For money, yes. If we use sharing in three ways, I share alone. Call it greed again, call it selfishness, it’s your cup of tea. What am I doing with this music? It is up to you to make it how you feel. Like I said, it’s not about money, but if you’re talking about money, I make more money than I got in a group. “

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