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Alte singer and songwriter Charly Boy has revealed how he and his wife, Diane, managed to have a lasting marriage.

The local Fada took to Twitter to pour tea on the wedding and the last relationship. According to Charly Boy, no marriage is without its challenges and distorted ways. He made his fans know that marriage is not easy and one is expected to persevere in order to enjoy the marriage.

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The controversial singer in her own words said she went through a lot to reach this point in her 40 years of marriage. In his own words, he wrote:

“Some people think they are talking about marriage and moi moi. As the right people say not everyone created by God should get married. It’s not a lot of swimming in my 40sometin marriage. Don’t think for a minute our marriage is done in heaven. patch, and still leaking.

We have our issues, problems and challenges. (never for public use) We don’t agree on a lot of things sometimes. The ONLY thing we basically accept, is never giving up on each other. We are all going to die here. ”

Remember how Charly Boy made headlines in 2018 after his tweets about divorce from Diane and taking another wife the next day spread.

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