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African music especially Afro-beats, Afro-fusion and other genres in Afro-families are known for music that is rich in indigenous musical instruments in the right proportions.

In the days of Afro-beat Legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the world could feel the beauty of Afro-beat music, a beautiful mix of musical instruments and poetic mixes that convey recognizable messages in a very entertaining way. That’s what Afro-beat means.

Many Nigerian artists claim to be Afro-beat or Afro-fusion artists but if you listen to their voice, it is below the actual level of Afro-beats. Non-traditional musical instruments with no meaning.

One of the few artists in the Nigerian music industry who performs traditional Afro-beat and Afro-fusion is Jerro B. Sound-wise, (Olomu Jeremiah) whose stage name is Jerro B performs Afro-fusion at a high level.

His new song, “Your Things” is a true “Afro Sounds” show, starting with a mix of dance and saxophone that puts you in the changing atmosphere of the listening entertainment experience. A song that is a mid-tempo jam will move every part of your body to the sound.

What’s unique about the song is that, you can tell the producer knew what was needed to make the song so appealing to the audience. The technique of simplicity in the manufacture of the beat was of the highest quality, the producer was not trying to be too hard and beat by adding a lot of unsuitable electronic instruments.

The production of this song, “Mambo yako” by Jerro B reminds me of Wizkid’s famous 2013 song “Jaiye Jaiye” featuring Femi Kuti. Femi Kuti’s role in the song made it a huge jam. Exactly how this frro-fusion song of Jerro B came about is not surprising the song did very well on all platforms and set different charts at the time of release. “Your stuff” by Jerro B led to Naija iTunes 6, it was about 20 on Boomplay Ghana per day.

Currently, the song has over 60+ games on audiomack and still counts, on Boomplay it managed to collect 60+ streams, while on YouTube the song has attracted more than 6000+ views.

The above figures are a true illustration of how people love Afro-Fusion or Afro-beat songs when they are performed in a completely natural way and in fact, Jerro B becomes a nickname when it comes to the beautiful sound of this nature.


Talking about the content of the song, “Your thing“It’s a modern love song that had”Jerro B”Admitting what he would have done willingly. The song seeks to answer the question of what a passionate man can do about a woman’s affair?

The song opens with a compelling chorus of how Jerro B boyfriend can die and play on the fake girl thing.

The choir continued with the singer asking for a dance session with a girl he loved very much.

These words paint a vivid picture of a happy man trying to impress a girl with her beauty, shape, body, and everything else related to him with the intention of making her enter the dance floor because of love.

Jerro-B its origin is Isoko Delta State, South-South part of Nigeria was born in Osun State, South-Western part of the country. There is a lot of influence in the South-West over his style of music as he presents “Your thing”With a soft mix of Yoruba and Pidgin.

Of course, Jerro B is one of the new generation of artists who will continue to hoist the Afro-beat flag with a mix of other sounds in the near future.

If you haven’t listened to “Your Things” by Jerro B, you should do it now and thank me later

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