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These days, no one can predict in what direction Dotman’s creativity flows. Having mastered the art of mining the aspirational and melding it with street lingo for viral hits that found their way everywhere pop hits go, the Abeokuta-born artist is currently undergoing a broadening of his creative output with his upcoming album, Hakuna Matata, to reveal depth and poignance to his artistry.

Very few singles on Hakuna Matata reflect the evolutionary arc of Dotman‘s career like “Tonight,” a quaint, rhythmic love anthem does. Produced by CKay, the song merges elements of balladry, confessional emotiveness, and Afropop’s catchiness for an exciting release.

On “Tonight” the drum pulses with signature Dotman vibrancy but his voice is textured enough to flip the song into an ethereal anthem while ensuring it bleeds sensuality over its near four-minute course.

Ensuring it is anchored around a smattering of Yoruba phrases, “Tonight” sees Dotman step into a new character in an evolving storyline.

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