Don’t entertain fools – SHAFFIE WERU’s solid advice to his fans after being fired from Radio Africa


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Thursday, April 8, 2021 – Former Kiss 100 presenter, Shaffie Weru, has given priceless advice to his fans through an Instagram post.

Shaffie is one of the most successful radio personalities in Kenya and perhaps the advice that he shared is what guides him.

The renowned radio presenter listed important life rules in alphabetical order starting from A to Z that his fans should follow. 

For starters, Shaffie urged his fans to avoid boring company- after all, life is too short to have boring friends. 

Apart from keeping a lively company, he also urged his fans not to entertain fools and go for high ideas.

Shaffie continued with his advice by urging his fans to never look down upon the poor and those who are suffering in society.

There are those people who start despising others after getting success, something that Shaffie is against.

The self-proclaimed King of Rave also urged his followers to tune their minds to success and always zoom ahead. 

Here’s a screenshot of what he posted on Instagram.


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