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Nigerian disc jockey and producer Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, professionally known as DJ Cuppy recently posted a video looking all excited feeding her pet lion named after her that she bought in Dubai in 2019.

Judging from her recent Instagram pin it is possible that she got on a jet and flew all the way to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to visit her pet.

Cuppy the lion has now grown massively and Dj Cuppy could not hide her joy upon laying her eyes on it once again.

To show how big Cuppy has grown DJ cuppy shared a photo of Cuppy as a cub and now as an all grown lion on her Instagram account.

“How it started vs how it is going, Cuppy is getting SO big #MamaCups.” She wrote.

Dj Cuppy also hit the headlines during Christmas after her newfound love gifted her with an N8.8 million 18kt rose gold necklace for Christmas.

In 2019, the 28 years old popular Nigerian disc jockey, producer, and singer shared a video of herself feeding the lion and wrote;

“Introducing the world to “Cuppy” the newest baby lion named after ME by @Sb_Belhasa owner of @Fame.Park. I’ve always wanted to be a mother!”

When Dj Cuppy broke the news of having purchased the white lion cub by then the internet literally was brought to a standstill as fans were amused by her bold step to get a lion for a pet.

It is said that she bought the cub after she went to visit one of Dubai’s wealthiest men, an Emirati Entrepreneur Saif Ahmad BelhasaMr. Belhasa in 2019 showed her around his residence and she saw the ‘white beauty’ because of the animals there.

The billionaire daughter fell in love with the wild animals and decided to purchase one for herself from Fame Park, Dubai, and name it after herself ‘Cuppy’.

According to Dj Cuppy, the lion is her firstborn baby even though part of her fans have advised her to be careful of how she handles the wild animal as she may be risking her life.

“Excited to watch my firstborn baby “Cuppy” grow up into a beautiful lion.” She once wrote.




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