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The wife of the musician Dr. Dre by the name of Nicole who is promoting the divorce movement now focuses on women who had a romantic relationship with her husband while their marriage was still going on.

Nicole wants to know if her husband Dr. Dre provided financial assistance to the women and wants to involve them in the divorce case as well.

Through his lawyer, the wife of Dr. Dre wants a legal session to be held in court so that the women can give their evidence.

However Nicole says the lawyer for the three women is deliberately delaying the hearing to ensure the validity of her agreement with Dr. Dre before marriage can be decided first by the court.

In her testimony, Nicole alleges that one of the women, who was able to pay for a house worth $ 2.15 million in a short time and suspects that her husband helped with the purchase of the house.

This comes even after Dr. Dre gives Nicole $ 2 million support to the couple and she also gives him $ 300,000 a month.

Dr. Dre signed the 2 million check as he was hospitalized in early January 2021 due to a tumor in his brain that caused a vein to rupture and bleed there.

If it is found that Dr. Dre provided financial assistance to the women, and the pre-marital agreement between Nicole and Dre was found to be obsolete or inappropriate, so Nicole has the right to claim half of the women’s property.

Dr. Dre and Nicole married in 1996 and have two children, a boy named Truice who was born in 1997 and a girl named Truly who was born in 2001.

Nicole instituted divorce proceedings in June 2020 for what she described as irreconcilable differences.


Divorce case between Nicole and Dr. Dre – National Radio

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