Disturbing Details Emerge Over Kayole Man Who Stabbed, Burned Girlfriend


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When sleuths who had been tracking him through his phone signals rounded up Charles Oluenyi at his Kayole home, he emerged from the balcony wielding two knives.

The 37-year-old man who was on Wednesday arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend has been taken to Kenyatta National Hospital for urgent medical attention.

Oluenyi, who had been detained at the Buruburu Police Station, was rushed to KNH after he lost consciousness on Wednesday night.

K24 reports that Oluenyi lost a lot of blood after he stabbed himself in the neck while threatening to kill himself while atop a seven storeyed building in Kayole on the day of his arrest. Detectives had to plead with him to stop him from slitting his own throat

Oluenyi held two knives in his hands, saying he could be only arrested after “I have died”.

It was the two knives that he used to stab himself in the neck.

Sources who know him claim that after he lost his job to the covid-10 pandemic, Oluenyi became a quiet and disturbed man.

“He became an easily irritable person. One moment, he is happy and laughing with you, minutes later he is mad at you; most times, over very petty things,” a source who worked with Oluenyi at a now-closed radio station remarked

Until the time the station was closed and, thereafter, sold to an interested investor, Oluenyi worked as a salesperson.

The man was last Thursday connected to the killing of his girlfriend and setting her body on fire.

Margaret Muchemi, a resident of Njiru in Kasarani Sub-County, had invited the suspect, her estranged boyfriend, to her home to “iron out their differences”.

The lady, a trained nurse operated a private clinic in Mwiki, Kasarani.

The suspect, who was carrying a backpack, arrived at the deceased’s home at around 8 am Thursday, Muchemi’s two house-helps, Damaris Nyamusi and Zainab Naila narrated.

“We offered him tea, but he said he was okay. All through, he cut a figure of a quiet and disturbed man,” said the nannies.

After a while, Muchemi, a 34-year-old mother of one (a 4-year-old son), asked Nyamusi and Naila to both go buy meat at a nearby butcher’s shop.

“She told us she would pay via M-Pesa,” said Nyamusi.

The two ‘helps’ waited by the shop after ordering sh500 meat but the employee did not send money. They returned home to meet an agitated Muchemi who wondered aloud why they could not give her and the boyfriend space to sort their issues.

“She, thereafter, gave us Ksh500 and told us to go buy the meat and hang around until she was ready to have us back in the house. Hours passed by, and we hadn’t received a call from her.

One of us called and told her that we were hungry, and wanted to go back home and eat. Muchemi, whose intention was to keep us out longer, sent us money and said we should eat at any nearby restaurant,” said the other house-help, Naila.

The nannies said while having their meals, one of their neighbors called and informed them that their house was on fire.

Nyamusi claimed that on Wednesday night she heard her boss speaking on phone saying that her (Muchemi’s) estranged boyfriend was demanding Ksh37,000 which he had lent her.

Muchemi’s landlord, Mark Odete, described the deceased as a joyful and peace-loving woman.

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