Did MOI intentionally make Baringo people poor to rule them forever? – Leaders up in arms after his son, RAYMOND, called them poor and unreasonable people


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This is after the county became the first one in the country to reject BBI despite it seeking to bring more money to the people.

“Hii Baringo ni county ingine ikona umaskini zaidi, county kavu inakaa kama Kitui na wanakataa BBI, na hao ni MCAs,’’ Raymond said.

However, Raymond’s remarks have elicited a lot of reaction from the Baringo MCAs most of whom have faulted Raymond for making such remarks yet his father was president for 24 years and his brother Gideon Moi serving as the county senator.

“I want to give you a synopsis of Baringo County.”

Sunday February 14, 2021 – Rongai MP Raymond Moi, the son of former President Daniel arap Moi, is in deep trouble for calling the people of Baringo County poor despite the Moi’s having represented them since time immemorial.

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