Diamond Earns In a Week What Uhuru Earns in Two Months Just For Adverts


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Using celebrities in advertising comes with incommensurable perks as long as the personality is relevant and has broad appeal

Popular celebrities come in handy since they naturally generate lots of attention. How does this translate in sales?

-They influence consumer purchase; potential consumers feel like, “If the product is good enough for her, it’s good enough for me.”

– Build Brand Awareness – using a celeb creates awareness for a brand much effectively and faster

– Brand positioning- e.g. using a retired musician to market a retirement plan for people ages 50 and over.

– Attract New User- Finding new users can be a challenge and celebrities can help create appeal in old and new users who have never tried the brand.

This is what brands have in mind when they engage the likes of East-African king of Afro-music Diamond Platnuz who has revealed he earns Tsh55million weekly to advertise a product or service

That is roughly Ksh2.2million in a week

The President of Kenya earns Ksh1.44Million in a month

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