Diamond admits Elder Abdul is not his father – National Radio


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News about the father of Diamond Platnumz, a Tanzanian musician, took to social media a few days ago after Ricardo Momo revealed that he and Diamond are brothers, meaning their father is one.

While Momo was still in Wasafi Fm studios being interviewed at the time, Diamond’s mother was called and confirmed that Diamond was indeed her brother.

For a while Diamond remained silent about the matter but yesterday he decided to make things clear when he was interviewed on the Wasafi Fm radio station that he owns.

He said that in fact Mzee Abdul was not his biological father and he knew this about twenty years ago but he continued to love him because he was the one who saw and lived with him as a father.

According to him, Mzee Abdul was the one who distanced himself from him and most of what angered Ms. Sanura Kassim, who is Diamond’s biological mother, is Mzee Abdul’s move to appear in the media and claim that Diamond was not giving her any support while she was helping him.

Elder Abdul in collaboration with an artist by the name of Gumbo used to release a song called “Charanga” where the Elder calls himself father Diamond Platnumz and Babu Tiffah. Tiffa is the daughter of Diamond and Zari.

In the song he recounts how he missed his son and mother.

Diamond however said that even if the truth is now known, he will not exclude anyone who previously had a good relationship with him knowing they are brothers.


Diamond admits Elder Abdul is not his father – National Radio

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