Delhi misses a chance to burn Covid dead – KBC


“Deaths in the city are more closely related to Covid and due to lack of space, people are forced to burn their loved ones at crematories that were not designated to pick up Covid victims. That is why we suggested a more crematorium should be set up,” a senior police officer said. of Delhi said according to the news channel NDTV.

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Oxygen, medicine and hospital beds continue to be in short supply, with people making requests on social media to find some of their loved ones.

India’s central government is facing intense criticism over how to deal with the crisis, and for allowing election rallies and religious ceremonies to continue.

But the health minister defended the government on Thursday, saying the country’s mortality rate was the lowest in the world and that oxygen supplies were “not enough”.

Harsh Vardhan told ANI news agency that oxygen was now “available from many sources” as well as from overseas, and that storage and cryogenic ships are also being developed.

Oxygen beds and hospitals continue to be in short supply, with people making requests on social media to their sick relatives: Getty Photos

Experts say locks and coverage are the only way out.

On Saturday, all adults over the age of 18 in India will be eligible for immunization. But although India is the world’s largest producer of vaccines, it does not have enough savings for an estimated 800 million people who will qualify.

Many countries are already reporting a shortage of vaccines.

India’s financial capital Mumbai, home to more than 20 million people, has suspended its vaccination campaign for three days due to “declining coverage coverage”, a civilian organization said in a statement.

Mumbai municipal commissioner Ashwini Bhide said on Twitter that the city would save the current savings for people over the age of 45.

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