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DCI warns women against online fraudsters


The Criminal Investigation Department (DCI) has warned women who use social media to be wary of fraudsters who offer jobs abroad, but end up cheating them.

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The warning was issued after the department’s detectives at Jomo Kenyatta-JKIA airport were surprised by the large number of women arriving at the airport to receive gifts allegedly sent by their online suitors.

However when they arrive to receive the gifts they are told there are no such gifts.

In one case, a 28-year-old girl was robbed of 52,000 shillings by a man they met online who claimed to be living in the UK and that he was required to pay money to a customs officer at the JKIA airport to receive his gold necklace.

However he was told that that was a lie and no necklace was sent to him.

Investigations have revealed that the scammers are operating mainly from Kisumu and Kiambu.

“As we strive to arrest these fraudsters, we urge women to be more vigilant against these fraudsters as they may even lose their lives,” said the DCI department.

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