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Media Personality Anita Nderu turned 31 years old and one of the things she found difficult to do in Nairobi is dating, which she now describes as an extreme sport.

In a post seen on her page,she was advising girls in their 20, Ms Nderu said that is the time for them to experiment and make decisions that they will be shocked with.

According to the beauty queen, those in their 20s should use the opportunity and grow themselves. Miss Nderu has asked young girls o always grab the opportunity and run with it. Go out and have fun.

”Love like the world is coming to an end. Dress up! Always! Support always! Fuck up and learn from it. Eat       prawns tempura! Also, try to be vegetarian! It’s fun. Eyebrows are important, grow them. Always pick your     parents’ calls. Dating in Nairobi is an extreme sport. I’ll keep updating this list”

She noted that they should never be afraid of making mistakes because that is how they learn and in all this, they should never miss picking their parents’ call.


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