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Coy Mzungu discusses H Baba’s allegations


The musicians of these two music companies in Tanzania are always seen as arguing that it is not known as a way to develop their music.

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After being warned by the Arts Council of Tanzania about the move to tarnish names on social media, the artists have now decided to find another way to promote tension.

H Baba the musician associated with Konde Gang claimed in an interview that Diamond Platnumz leading Wasafi has decided to reward anyone in his company who insults Harmonize.

For some time now Diamond has been providing cars to musicians, broadcasters and others working with Wasafi company for what he calls a good performance.

H Baba’s allegations appear to offend many people at the Safafi with many appearing to insult the musician. Conrad Kennedy popularly known as Coy Mzungu who is a comedian working with Wasafi has said it is not true that they are rewarded for insulting Harmonize.

The comedian posted a video of H Baba interview with a Wasafi Tv reporter and then explained that the recipients of the cars are those who have achieved certain career goals.

Coy is one of those who have been given cars by their boss. He was handed the car at a comedy festival called “Cheka Tu” about two months ago.

She was on stage with Kenyan comedian Eunice Mamito when Diamond who was not expected to attend came on stage and announced the gift.

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