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Kenyan socialist Corazon Kwamboka is the proud mother of a beautiful little baby.

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Munchkin is not one year old and goes by a very sweet name, Taiyari Kiarie.

Corazon has been the happiest woman since she gave birth to her youngest son.

As a first-time mother, she has received every experience she has had.

Corazon, who is a professional lawyer, is very pleased with how fast he is growing.

However, today, May 3, she chose to share a photo of her baby as a one-day baby.

“My life ❤️💙 in one picture. Day 1,” he quoted a photo of Taiyari and his father Frankie Kiarie.

Taiyari is a newborn baby from Corazon and her fiancé Frankie.

He is the ex-husband of the top YouTuber and model Maureen Waititu.

In fact, Taiyari turned nine moths today.

A few days ago, the mother revealed that the little boy was now able to stand on his own.

Corazon was even more excited to share the good news with his fans.

Here is another picture of Baby Taiyari at seven months old.

Another here of a six-month-old boy.

Corazon cites Taiyari as a special gift he has received in his entire life.

“The most valuable gift,” he said.

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