Controversy rocks City Hall over Sh500M illegal payments to suspicious contractors


Just days after taking over as Acting Governor of Nairobi, Ann Kananu found herself in a hot spot over Sh494 million in illegal payments to contractors under responsibilities that have already been handed over to Nairobi Metropolitan Services.

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Among those who receive illegal payments is Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka whose company Wakiwa Company Ltd is paid Sh20 million under the Department of Environment despite the work being among the works transported under the NMS.

Kananu in close relationship with MCA mud MCA Abdi Guyo is alleged to have collaborated to illegally pay millions to contractors who are mostly from the Somali community.

According to sources, Nairobi County resources are being misused to pay contractors under work transferred at the expense of real contractors under the remaining works at City Hall.

Here are some examples of the illegal work plan in the City Hall. Millions of payments will go to Waria contractors who have reduced contracts with Guyo and Kananu for a total payment of millions of shillings.

Meanwhile the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is investigating the possibility of a joint venture between several leading law firms and MCAs in Nairobi to defraud the county government of nearly Sh500 million for legal fees for services not provided.

On the EACC radar there are at least eight prominent MCAs who allegedly managed 25 law firms.

According to the payment schedule the millions were to be distributed to law enforcement agencies last Friday only for the EACC to write to the County Secretary informing him that it had opened an investigation into the matter.

“The Commission (EACC) is conducting an investigation in Nairobi City County on the payment of legal fees to the following companies. To facilitate our investigation, kindly but promptly write the following original documents to the above companies, ”the letter dated January 21 reads.

These documents include all payment vouchers and failure checks, a list of eligible law firms for the years 2013-2020 and minutes approving the list of qualified law firms.

The EACC also claimed to have provided exact copies of specific case files administered by law firms including case details, letters of order and contract agreements for the period under review.

Some of the law firms under investigation include Irungu Kang’ata & Co’s lawyers, who are linked to the Senate majority and Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata, Ogeto Ottachi & Co Attorneys linked to Attorney General Ken Ogeto and the Commission National Land Service (NLC) chairman Gershom Otachi.

Also under investigation are Ojienda & Co Advocates owned by prominent lawyer Prof Tom Ojienda and Maanzo & Co Advocates affiliated with Mbooni MP Daniel Maanzo.

Others include Kwanga Mboya & Co. Lawyers, Wanjiku Maina & Co. Lawyers, Koceyo Co. Lawyers, Mbaluka Co. Lawyers, Njenga Maina Co. Lawyers, Kandie Murtai Co. Advocates, Sirma Co. Advocates and Ongicho Ongicho Co. Advocates.

The payment schedule shows Kwanga Mboya & Co’s lawyers, who were allegedly being sued by the prominent Opposition MCA in Nairobi, were to receive Sh45 million while Wanjiku Maina & Co’s lawyers, who were allegedly sued by Mihang’o MCA Paul Kiguathi, aka Kados , was to receive Sh25 million.

Ogeto Ottachi & Co’s lawyers were supposed to pocket Sh20 million while Tom Ojienda & Co Advocates were supposed to receive Sh30 million.



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