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The wife of former gospel artist Kevin Bahati, Diana Marua, is not only a beautiful wife and mother but also a great sister to her brothers.

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YouTuber has always remembered how he came in to raise them even after their mother passed away, leaving them in the hands of an irresponsible father.

The youngest in the family is Michelle and she has always been a favorite of her older sister, who was taking care of her during her college days.

And today, the two remain best friends and Michelle is Diana’s self-portrait artist.

Actually, Michelle is pregnant with her third child and Diana is happy about it.

He took his social media platforms to congratulate him.

“I’m so glad for you for this new trip you’re doing … Congratulations for a million 💃!” Diana wrote in part.

She also told Michelle not to worry about the baby’s name as she had already found it.

“Don’t worry name, I got you 😎 ❤️” he added

Michelle was thrilled to hear that her older sister already had a name already for her unborn child, but she begged him to have a name as sweet as his own.

“THANK YOU MY DEAR! BLESSED WITH BLESSINGS! That name should be as impressive as Heaven and Greatness,”

Giving the news to her fans, Michelle thanked God for the blessing.

“And here comes another blessing 🎊 Thank you, God for this Gift, we are thankful. OoSooooooo ……… .WE ARE PREGNANT 🙈🙈, ”she wrote

Michelle has opened up about her experience as a new mother after getting pregnant with her twins at the age of 19.

What started as an overdose, she recalls, became an unintended pregnancy.

After discovering she was pregnant, Michelle said that telling her boyfriend, who is now her husband, was the hardest thing.

She had no one to turn to as she had ruined her family by getting pregnant. She then dropped out of school to care for her two children.

But she is grateful to her man who held her hand throughout the difficult journey.

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