City lawyer reveals the truth behind UHURU-RAILA ‘handshake’ – MIGUNA MIGUNA was right


Tuesday, April 6, 2021 – A prominent Nairobi lawyer has claimed that Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga accepted a handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018 because he was totally broke.

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In an interview with Citizen TV on Tuesday morning, lawyer Danstan Omari claimed that Raila went for the handshake purposely because he was low financially and the handshake was motivated financially.

Omari also said Raila Odinga boycotted the repeat polls in 2017 as he was unable to fund the campaigns.

This now may corroborate a statement issued by self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM)General, Miguna Miguna, who immediately after the handshake said Raila Odinga was bribed by President Uhuru Kenyatta with Sh 50 billion to accept the handshake.

“The People’s Con-Man, you did the #Handcheque for personal gain. Uhuru Kenyatta paid you Sh50 billions of our money. He tortured, maimed and murdered hundreds of your supporters who are yet to get justice. You are a self-seeker and a coward,” Miguna, who is exile in Canada posted on his Twitter page


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