Churchill Comedian Jemutai Selling Her FB Account to Clear Debts


Churchill comedian Jemutai Chibambe has admitted trying to make money and living on debt.

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Jemutai approached blogger Edgar Obare seeking to sell his Facebook account for Ksh1.7 million which enables him to cancel his debt including tax arrears.

“I am a mother of two and a comedian. Life gets tough every day and I have a lot of arrears. I want to sell my Facebook account to anyone in the business. It has more than 850,000 followers. I am selling for Ksh2 bob for each follower, ”Jemutai pleaded.

“I want to be able to start a business and take care of my children. I know it is a desperate step but I wanted to pay my bills. As a mother I would do anything for my children, ”she added on her social media pages.

Comedians and content creators Jemutai (left) and Mulamwah (right)

The comedian, emcee and social media influencer has added that he has been struggling to feed his children and pay the bills alone.

He, however, urged Kenyans to understand his plight and to refrain from bullying or criticizing him, simply because he is a prominent person.

Jemutai urged his supporters not to be too critical of Classic 105 comedian and presenter, Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill), as has been the case in the past. He noted that Churchill had been subjected to constant bullying by harassing comedians who had grown up in his own household.

“I do not want anyone to blame Churchill because I have no issues with him. He is a very good boss. Selling my account was my personal decision because that is like my property, ”Jemutai pleaded.

Jemutai has joined several celebrities – especially comedians – who have openly admitted that they are struggling financially or have struggled with depression. These include the late Othuol Othuol (Ben Maurice Omondi), comedian Njoro and actor Omosh (Peter Kinuthia).

During Othuol Othuol’s funeral on October 24, 2020, Churchill rebuked the people who blamed him for the tragedies of his fellow comedians.

“I am not a government. I am not funded by the government. I am the only person who had a small dream and whose ambition was to change the lives of as many Kenyans as I could and make them realize their dreams, ”said Churchill, urging comedians to consider brand ambassadors and create content online.

The Covid-19 scandal has had a devastating effect on the entertainment industry when the government banned bodily functions and the closure of entertainment facilities. Comedian Felix Odiwour advised artists to move from one city to another for a living.

“We have open and working areas in Mombasa, Kisumu, Kisii, Kericho, Malindi. Just plan and go! They need your talent. Make room for your events from Nairobi.

“Go accept small rewards, small gigs, and build new audiences! Eldoret, Kitale, Kakamega, Busia are all open. Just go,” he insisted, “Jalang’o advised.


MC Jessy (left) and Churchill Daniel Ndambuki (right) at a ceremony in Nairobi on November 25, 2020



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