Business Deal That Diamond Signed On His One Day Visit to Nairobi Revealed


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Bongoflava musician Diamond Platnumz had more to do in his latest visit to Nairobi than spending time in a Rolls Royce with his son Naseeb Junior.

The ‘Waah’ singer who is the most-watched African singer on Youtube got fans excited on social media after he posted a video boarding a private jet to Nairobi without explaining details of his visit.

The general assumption was that he was in the country to see his son and baby mama Tanasha Dona, others added that he was in the country for a private corporate show as he has pulled such a move before.

In the evening, Diamond boarded back the private jet accompanied by his cousin and DJ Rommy Jones back to Dar es Salaam.

It has since been revealed that Diamond’s main purpose was to discuss a business deal with online sports betting firm OdiBet.

Two days earlier Diamond’s shrewd business manager Sallam Mendez had secretly landed in town to negotiate the deal. Mendez later uploaded a picture of himself wearing a white Odi Bet branded hoodie captioned ‘Nairobi By Night’.

Wasafi Brand is not known to promote brands that they are not in business with.

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