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FELA! is music based on the music and poetry of Fela Kuti.

Ten years ago, it was the curtains of one of the most popular music shows, ‘Fela’. And now ten Several years later, FELA! he comes to the only sound platform, Clubhouse. Fela Kuti is still one of the most talented musicians in Africa. His musical incitement demanded international participation in African politics and the challenges facing black people around the world. His style and style of music invited the world, and in doing so, Fela gave the Nigerians a great voice. FELA! Broadway production took the world by storm 10 years ago by revisiting the story of Fela.

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FELA audioplay adjustments! called ‘Fela Twelve’ brings together a team of producers and artists who represent Nigeria and the world’s black diaspora. In its modified format, the show focuses on contemporary Nigerian issues, connecting them with Fela’s story and his vision for Nigeria and black people around the world.

Despite the escalation of #EndSARS protests across Nigeria last year, it was clearer than ever that Nigeria still tolerates the conditions in which Fela sang so hard. The voice coming to ClubHouse on May 15, also deliberately tripled the responsibilities of speaking to women by bringing the voices of Kalakuta Queens, the women who fought alongside Fela, in front.

Fela Kuti and the queen of kalakuta

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