Bobi Wine Hit With Ksh 10M Tax for Kenyan Bulletproof Car


  • Former Ugandan presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been ordered to pay US $ 337 million (Ksh 10 million) to the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for a bullet-proof vehicle he obtained from a Kenyan businessman.

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    Bobi Wine had found a car during the contested ballot where he claimed his life was in danger.

    In a letter to Bobi Wine, URA stated that car repairs were not disclosed during the initial inspection.

    The vehicle was valued at Ksh4.7 million but a new valuation by URA put it at $ 166,700 (Ksh18 million).

    The ammunition vehicle is now owned by Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine.


    “Please advise your client (Bobi) to contact the office of the Assistant Commissioner who, with a copy, is requested to facilitate the payment of appropriate taxes and the release of your client’s vehicle accordingly,” URA said in a letter to the politician’s lawyers.

    Mombasa businessman Fauz Khalid facilitated the delivery of the vehicle which has since become a source of controversy.

    The website of the Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) revealed that Khalid was the registered owner of the luxury car. Car ownership was later changed to a Ugandan politician.

    The vehicle attracted Ugandan authorities who, after further inspection, indicated that the vehicle had been improperly cleaned. They sought to find out how the politician despised the cost of the car.

    According to the tax collector, the new Toyota Land cruiser will cost between Ksh 8 million and Ksh 14 million while the military one can cost up to Ksh 45 million depending on the service.

    Bobby Wine revealed that he had obtained a car through aid from his diaspora supporters.

    “A few weeks ago, these guys surprised me when they informed me that they had managed to raise enough money for a car and this is it here. I can’t thank you enough,” Wine wrote on his social media account – a letter he later dropped.

    The High Court in Kampala earlier rejected Bobi Wine’s application to block the car tax assessment.

    Robert Kyagulanyi was called Bobi WineRobert Kyagulanyi was called Bobi Wine

    Robert Kyagulanyi was called Bobi Wine




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