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They say blood is heavier than water and that is the case with radio personality Alex Mwakideu, who is a good friend of his brother.

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Alex, who is the boss at Radio Forever, has a nice older brother, Justus Mwakideu, and the chemistry between the two is amazing.

Justus is an innovative creative designer and MC, both using their voices to great effect.

The big man is a fashion man who grows a thick beard.

She is married with two children.

Alex enjoys spending time with his older brother and the two of them love each other very much.

The two men seem to be separated when they spend most of their free time together.

Your siblings are just as likely to be with their spouse and family.

Justus is a proud family man who spends time with his family.

She has beautiful and beautiful children.

The two of them know what it means to have a loving and caring father.

Mwakideu’s third brother is their sister Rozinah, the ex-wife of Nairobi preacher Robert Burale.

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