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Bill and Melinda Gates have announced their divorce after 27 years of marriage, saying “we no longer believe we can grow up together as a couple”.

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“After much thought and effort on our relationship, we have decided to end our marriage,” the couple tweeted.

They first met in the 1980s when Melinda joined Microsoft’s Bill company.

The billionaire couple have three children and together run the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute.

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The organization has spent billions to fight causes such as infectious diseases and to encourage vaccinations for children.

Gates – along with investor Warren Buffett – are behind the Commitment Pledge, which requires billionaires to volunteer to give away their vast wealth for good reason.

Bill Gates is the fourth richest man in the world, according to Forbes, and is worth $ 124bn (£ 89bn).

He made money through the company he founded in the 1970s, Microsoft, the world’s largest software company.

The couple published the statement announcing their divorce on Twitter.

“Over the past 27 years, we have raised three wonderful children and built a foundation that works around the world to enable all people to live healthy and productive lives,” it read.

“We continue to share faith in that message and will continue to work together on a foundation, but we no longer believe we can grow together as partners in the next part of our lives.

“We ask for space and privacy for our family as we begin to use this new life.”

How did they get together?

Melinda, now 56, joined Microsoft as a product manager in 1987, and the two sat together at a business dinner that year in New York.

They started dating, but as Bill told Netflix: “We were very concerned and there were only two possibilities: either, we would divorce or we would get married.”

Melinda said she found Bill – a common sight even in heart issues – writing a list on a white board with “pros and cons of getting married”.

They married in 1994 on the Hawaiian island of Lanai, reportedly renting all local helicopters to prevent unwanted guests from flying overhead.

Bill, 65, resigned from the Microsoft board last year to focus on his philanthropic activities.

What is the Gates Foundation?

  • The couple founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000 in Seattle
  • The focus is primarily on public health, education, and climate change
  • Her donations included $ 1.75bn of immunization programs and research during the Covid-19 epidemic
  • In 2019, the base had net worth of more than $ 43bn
  • Bill and Melinda Gates pushed for more than $ 36bn in the base between 1994 and 2018

source: Reuters news agency

Je! What role did Melinda play in their campaign?

“Bill and I are equal partners,” he told reporters in an interview in 2019. “Men and women should be equal at work.”

In his recent memoir The Moment of Lift, he wrote about his childhood, life, and private struggles as the wife of a celebrity and a stay-at-home mom with three children.

Working together in the Foundation had made their relationship better, he said. “I had to learn how to be right, and I had to learn how to be right and be right,” he wrote.

In addition to his work with the Foundation he founded Pivotal Ventures, an investment company focused on women and families, in 2015.

“Finally the world is awakened by the fact that none of us can move forward when half of us are restrained,” he said at the time. “The statistics are clear: empowered women are changing society.”

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