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The silhouette challenge currently boasts of 100 million views.

By now you must have seen the silhouette challenge somewhere on social media. The challenge started as a means of empowerment, a means of people to feel sexy in their bodies, no matter the type. The challenge has people posing and moving while in the nude, or wearing lingerie. The poses are covered in a red filter which helps the body to be seen only as a silhouette. But now, people are warning that there are persons who are turning the challenge into a form of depraved gratification.

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How? People have found the means to remove the red filter in already posted silhouette challenges so that they can see your body as it is. They are using editing software and apps to change the contrast and color in a way that reduces the silhouette effect. There are even tutorials and videos being shared on how to do this. In fact, at least two Twitter accounts that were editing TikToks on request and shaming the people in them have been suspended.

So now people, including us, are warning others that before you participate in the #silhouettechallenge,  be ware that your body could end up being revealed.


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