Attorney Paul Gicheru was temporarily released by the ICC court – National Radio


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The International Criminal Court (ICC) has granted bail application to attorney Paul Gicheru.

The court’s decision will be implemented once the court registration unit completes the process.

In addition to the conditions for his release, counsel Gicheru will be required to deposit one million shillings in cash in court, not to have any contact with prosecution witnesses or victims except through a lawyer authorized to represent him in court in accordance with the rules.

According to the ICC, Gicheru will have to comply with all the conditions imposed on him and surrender whenever he is required by the court.

“He will appear in court on the date and date on which he will be ordered to do so and will attend all hearings until he is allowed to leave,” the ICC said.

The lawyer has been banned from providing information to the public, publishing on social media or contacting the media in connection with the case against him in the ICC court.

Despite being allowed to return to the country, Gicheru will not be free to visit one place or another, as in doing so he will find himself in trouble with the Hague tribunal.

“He will live in Kenya, an unknown location during the trial against him when he will not be in the Netherlands,” the court ruled.

Gicheru is one of three Kenyans wanted by the tribunal for convicting witnesses in a case of violence against humanity in connection with the 2007 post-election violence.

Gicheru surrendered to the court after a warrant for his arrest was issued by the court in 2015.


Attorney Paul Gicheru was temporarily released by the ICC court – National Radio

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