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Ata kama tunameza ARVs,bado tunapendana-Guardian Angels opens up on their HIV positive status


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Kenyan Gospel Musician Guardian Angel has once again opened up on why he had to settle with the 50 years old girlfriend Esther Musila since they both needed someone who is HIV positive.

Speaking for the first time, Guardian Angel said that many people have been questioning his decision to settle with someone who is older than him, almost twice his age.

The musician made a bold step and explained to his fans why he arrived at the decision to settle down with Esther Musila who is the mother of two.

Despite the two being seen happy together, Guardian Angel claims that his current wife has been a friend to him since 2015, he was tested positive for the virus. He narrates how they both meet online at a famous dating site after they both posted to be looking for someone who was HIV positive.

“I tested positive in 2015, and in the same year, I was looking for a partner. This is when I went to a famous dating site and posted to be in search of a female lover, who is HIV positive. This is when I meet my lover, Esther Musila and we hooked up. She has been a friend since then and she has been supportive in every step, both health wise and musically. Ata kama tunameza ARVs,bado tunapenda sana”, said Guardian Angel on his Instagram live.

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