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Article 5 of the Relays world race starts on Saturday Silesia Poland Article 5 of the world relays race on Saturday Silesia Poland


The 5th edition of the world pole vault race will start on Saturday in Silesia Poland and end on Sunday May 2.

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More than 1000 athletes from 34 countries will compete in 9 disciplines after withdrawing from Jamaica, Trinidad n Tobago, India and Canada for a variety of reasons including travel restrictions.

The winning races are 100 meters for four athletes (4x100m), 200 meters for four athletes (4x200m), 400 meters for four athletes (4x400m), 400 meters for four athletes running around the field 2 times (2x2x400m), Shuttle Hurdles Relay and 400 meters for four hybrid athletes (4x400m).

Kenya is represented by 30 athletes who will compete in 7 400-meter relays for four male and female swimmers, 200 meters for four male and female swimmers, Shuttle Relay, 400 meters for mixed relay runners, 400 meters for athletes four, circling the field twice each (2x2x400M).

The competition will kick off at 6pm with a 400-meter relay for four women, and 400 meters for men before the 100-meter race for four male and female athletes with two hybrid 2x2x400 finals and shuttle hurdles relay.

Athletes will use the 400-meter relay to compete for men and women to compete for tickets to this year’s Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

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