Andrew kibe accused of sleeping with an underage girl


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Photo Courtesy: Andrew Kibe

Former Kiss 100 presenter Andrew Kibe has been accused of sleeping with a minor. Word has it the minor is still in High School.


Tea-master Edgar Obare broke the news on his Instagram handle when a close source to the minor gave tea to netizens.

“I don’t why but this girl ameniamsha matumbao kama mama yaani I felt so so so bad knowing I have girls. I have a 19-year-old. Jameni may God guide our girls. She is proud of these things mamake ako aje?” The source revealed.

The source confided she was disappointed with the girl saying she was too young to be used.

Edgar Obare’s attempt to get Andrew Kibe’s side of the story but that fell on deaf ears as Kibe refused to reply.

When Edgar asked whether the minor and Kibe were dating the source revealed that their relationship was sexual.

“Uhm yes and no …because knowing Kibe does not have a girlfriend. I have seen him with so many other chicks sooo about dating? That’s a no let’s say wanakulana tu,” The source revealed.

Andrew Kibe hasn’t issued a statement in regards to the rumors being fueled against him.



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