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An increase in the aviation industry as Bluebird aerospace reports are increasing in demand for charter flights


Advanced Regional Airlines, Bluebird Aviation has reported a slight increase in demand for its private charter aircraft since the outbreak of COVID-19.

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The company is increasingly increasing the limited availability of commercial aircraft and health risks.

Captain Hussein Mohammed and the Bluebird team / with respect

Bluebird Aviation General Manager, Captain Hussein Mohammed they said while regular rental service providers have maintained their requirements albeit at a reduced rate, other airlines have witnessed additional demand for personal documents from new customers.

“Travelers are reluctant to use commercial airlines and this has led to an increase in queries on personal airlines. Whether its health risks or just getting to where you need to be, people and companies that have the ability to travel privately, but were previously banned, are now looking for ways. this alternative, “Captain Mohammed said.

The global epidemic of the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19) has greatly affected the atmosphere.

Amid the rapid spread of infectious disease and the declaration of a state of emergency in many countries, airlines have been forced to suspend passenger flights and reduce schedules significantly, leaving most airlines with less than 50 percent capacity.

The small aircraft charter industry has proven its ability to adapt to the past and present and supports the fight against Covid-19 and is doing much better: transporting people and goods to where they are needed.

“Contracted aircraft have assisted in medical rescue, lifting air for medical equipment and personnel, carrying vaccines, repatriating passengers and contributing to maintaining supply chains during the Covid-19 crisis,” Captain Mohammed said.

Research has found that the headboard on the passenger seat is more dirty. It has been concluded that about half of the faces painted on the planes had a level of bacteria and yeast that could put a person at risk of infection.

Dangerous viruses live on surfaces for a while. This puts personal documents in the upper hand compared to commercial airlines due to their small impact on most travelers.

“If you are a person who may have traveled privately a few times, or not at all, and have never justified time savings, privacy, efficiency, and catastrophic transmission, then it is time to focus on your travel plans,” said Captain Mohammed.

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