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Am HIV positive and 3 months pregnant for Ruto-Drama as woman strip naked at Dp’s home


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A middle-aged woman has caused drama at the Dp William Ruto’s home in Karen today morning after she claimed that the Dp infected her with HIV and got her pregnant, later dumped her.

The 29 years old woman caused drama leaving guards at the DP’s home dumbfounded after she claimed to be 3  months pregnant for the Dp, whom she says has since blocked her.

The woman, who carried with her document revealing that she was three months pregnant demanded to forcibly meet with the Dp so that they could settle on how their unborn child will be catered for.

Jane Cheplimo, claimed that she was having a private affair with the Dp for the better part of 2020 where they used to meet privately in a hotel within the suburbs of Nairobi.

She narrated that, when she realized that she was pregnant for the Dp, she immediately informed him of the situation via a phone call. She was also shocked beyond disbelief when she also found out to have contracted HIV from the Dp.

Upon breaking the news to him, Jane claims that the Dp told him never to call him again and cautioned her that she will send people who will deal with her appropriately.

The woman demanded to be granted access so that she can meet with the Dp so that they could talk forward.

Her efforts were terminated after she was arrested when she tried to strip naked in front of the guards. The woman is currently at Karen Police Station pending an investigation into the matter.

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