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Shortly after Shilole and Uchebe split last year, Uchebe announced that he had found a new partner by the name of Agnes Suleiman, an actor and businessman.

Uchebe and Agnes posted pictures and videos on social media that showed how much they loved each other, which many doubted.

On October 24, 2020, Agnes and Uchebe were interviewed on the Mashamsham program of Wasafi Fm radio station where they said they were in love. Agnes was asked why she agreed to enter into a relationship with a man who had been accused of beating his ex-wife and said that it was not true, that she was not a warrior.

Agnes and Uchebe at Wasafi Media studios

They were also asked if it was a relationship they created just for the sake of fame and they denied it and Agnes praised Uchebe for being someone she loves and cares for.

He said that they met for the first time with Uchebe who is a car mechanic when he sent his car to be repaired and Uchebe received him well and gave him good care and the dream came true.

According to his story at the time on Wasafi Fm, Uchebe gave him his car and took it home and kept his own repairing it and later took it home.

Now the actress Agnes has come forward to say that her relationship with Uchebe is something that was just planned. Interviewed by Dizzim Online, the actress said that Uchebe asked her to act to offend Shilole who was Uchebe’s wife.

Agnes says Uchebe was devastated after being abandoned by Shishi Baby and that is why she decided to pretend to be the same but not the same.

He was so overwhelmed with thoughts that he could not continue his garage work for a while.

According to him, his public appearance with Uchebe, has tarnished his reputation and many believe he has passed away but he says he wants Tanzanians to know that he has never had a real romantic relationship with Uchebe.


Agnes denies Uchebe! – National Radio

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