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MY! (My Country My World), a new African social media app is scheduled for launch in May 2021. A mobile app is set to give users across the continent the opportunity to bring their country and the world to each other.

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According to media reports, MY! provides a social media platform where users especially from developing countries can tell their stories in their own way and own a platform.

The app, which was developed and launched by African migrants from Liberia and Sierra Leone, who are now based in Minnesota is ready to take on Facebook and Instagram.

Commenting on the expected launch of MY! Social media platform, Samuel Zean Jr, co-founder of MY! he said, “After developing the program for a period of two years, and a series of trials, we are now confident that the program is ready to be released to the world.”

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“Many Africans are complaining about how African nations are being portrayed by western countries in cultural and digital media. MY! The app has been developed by Africans for Africans to help change this story. Therefore, everyone is given the opportunity to tell their story in a way. his, ”added Zean.

MY! It is an inclusive social media platform that appeals to every generation. The app provides unparalleled user experience, engagement, interaction and entertainment. It has a friendly interface and easy navigation, says the statement.

The app also enables users to share content seamlessly, by commenting and updating post status. It simplifies interaction between users and gives them a complete view of the created.

In addition, the app gives users the opportunity to retain the rights to authenticate their work.

MY! it also allows its users to maximize their creativity to the maximum and rewards them for each shared uploaded post. The app enables users to represent their country by displaying unique areas of a person’s country, services, wildlife, culture, food, art, craftsmanship, talents, stories, business chaos, history and much more.

MY! will be officially launched on May 10, 2021 and will be easily available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Source TechMetro Africa

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