88 percent of Jubilee Party supporters say they will vote RUTO for the presidency in 2022 – UHURU’s reign is crumbling like the Tower of Babel


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In the survey announced on Friday, 88 percent of Jubilee supporters said they will vote for DP Ruto for the presidency if elections are held today and only 12 percent said otherwise.

This means the majority of Jubilee supporters lean towards Ruto’s Tanga Tanga faction powered by the hustler movement.

On the Building Bridges Initiative, only 29 percent of the respondents support the initiative while 32 percent oppose it. 39 percent are undecided.

“There is still considerable work that needs to be done by champions of both of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ campaigns to win over Kenyans to their side,” said Maggie Ireri, TIFA’s chief executive officer.

Friday, January 8, 2021 – An opinion poll conducted by TIFA shows that Deputy President William Ruto is still the dominant figure in the Jubilee party despite being belittled and vilified by the party’s top brass.

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