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Two Police Constables have been arrested in Bamburi of Mombasa county for extorting Ksh.106,000 from a foreigner for refusing to touch a woman’s breast.

According to the police report, The foreigner, identified as Werner Bance was at Indiana Hotel on Saturday, January 2 before an unnamed woman approached him and requested lunch in which Werner gave her Ksh.100 and she refused.

The report further indicated that the woman loosened her bra and removed one of her breasts and requested Werner to touch but he declined saying he could not do such a thing as he is a married man.

The woman made a phone call to two police officers, Tabitha Nduta and Patrick Muneria who later arrived at the Hotel and demanded Ksh. 200,000 from Werner or be jailed for seven years for refusing to touch a woman’s breast.

They also took away Werner’s phone.

Werner managed to only raise Ksh. 106,000 which they accepted and returned him his phone.

Police said that the matter was immediately investigated and a parade was done where the two were identified positively by Werner as Tabitha Nduta and Patrick Muneria both tourist police in Bamburi.

The two officers returned the money which has been kept as evidence.



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