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150 NRM supporters defect to FDC over poor service delivery



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FDC presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat campaigns in Rukungiri

FDC presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat campaigns in Rukungiri

Over 150 National Resistance Movement (NRM) member cardholders in Kanyankyende parish, Bugangari sub-county in Rukungiri district have defected to the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party.

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The defectors came from all 6 cells of Kanyankende parish and they all handed over their party cards to the FDC flag bearer for Rujumbura constituency Fred Turyamuhweza last evening as he wound up his two-day campaign visit in Bugangari sub- county.

The group said they were unhappy that the NRM-led government has failed to address issues that affect them on a daily basis like the impassible roads, water shortage, heavy taxation imposed on basic items they use on a daily basis and corrupt leaders among others.

The angry defectors said that that they have been voting the NRM government for 25 years but their area has gained nothing from this government, saying that they have now decided to join opposition for development.

Raphael Mugisha, the LC II chairman Kanyankyende parish described the FDC flag bearer as a good politician with a heart for the people saying that for the 4 years he has spent in parliament as the area MP a lot has been done like improved road network which has helped people to access market centres thus improved standards of living.    

Mugisha said he is confident that if Turyamuhweza had been in charge of Rujumbura for the 20 years NRM’s Jim Muhwezi spent in parliament, the people of Kanyankende would be in a better position than they are in today.

While addressing his supporters at Kanyankyende playground in Bugangari sub-county, Fred Turyamuhweza, the area member of parliament and FDC party flag bearer for Rujumbura county promised to continue serving them as a leader not as a ruler. Turyamuhweza also asked the voters to vote wisely and choose a leader with developmental and constructive ideas that will transformer the lives. 

This is not the first group of people defecting to the opposition. Last week a total of 200 from Nyakagyeme, Ruhinda and Buhunga sub- counties all in Rujumbura constituency Rukungiri district also joined FDC citing the same reasons for defection as the Kanyankende people of Bugangari sub-county.

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